In any given moment, we have two options:

to step forward into growth

or to step back into safety.

~Abraham Maslow


I believe that relationships can be healed, the past does not have to haunt you forever, and self-love is possible.

In counseling I will help you find a life of kindness, compassion, and empathy- for yourself and for others.      


You should know that I am not a "smile and nod" kind of therapist.  I am very interactive and provide engaged, lively discussion.  I offer you different perspectives and a unique insight into what is troubling you.  My approach is always to honor the fact that your life is your own and you have freedom to choose what will be best for you, I never push you or judge you for the choices you make. 

My previous clients report that counseling or "talk therapy" helped them to stop criticizing themselves, to feel more comfortable with setting limits on how others treat them, and to feel less controlled by their emotions. 

Specialties and Expertise

While I treat a wide variety of issues, I specialize in what are called "codependency issues."  Codependency issues include things like low self- esteem, difficulty being assertive, allowing others to take advantage of you, saying "yes" when you mean "no" and the often co-occurring symptoms of anger depression and anxiety.

I also offer support for clients interested in mindfulness and meditation and use a mind-body connection to enhance the traditional "talk therapy" or counseling approach.   One specific mind-body technique that I use is called Emotional Freedom Technique which uses tapping on acupuncture or acupressure points to release negative energy and emotions that related to past trauma and old hurts.  

Other issues treated

Suicidal thinking

Grief and Loss


Aging and Age-related problems

Work or School Stress


Letting go of the past

Making life-changing decisions

And much more...

 Regardless of why you are seeking support, I tailor interventions to fit your unique situation in a way that allows change to happen at your own pace and in a manner that feels

comfortable to you- giving you total control over your healing and growth. 

When you need help, you want an expert that you can trust... 


Unfortunately, I am not currently seeing clients for therapy.  Please go to to find a therapist near you. 

Kindness Counseling and Consulting